What people are asking

How Evans Legal understands your business?

Each industry has its own terminology and approach. Each company has its own culture. Culture is controlled by your executive management team. Clear lines of open communication and engagement direct with your executive management team is critical to understanding your business. Essentially by enabling Evans Legal to conduct a thorough legal audit of your business issues can be identified and an approach determined which focuses on resolution. This audit involves meeting with your executive management team and reviewing your material contracts and other core documents. The results of the legal audit enable you to understand what legal and compliance risks exist in your business, some which you may be aware of and others you may not. Then Evans Legal will work with you to identify which issues should be prioritised and addressed.

How Evans Legal solves your problems?

Simplicity is critical to effective problem solving. The best solutions are often straight forward and easily communicated. Clear communication of factual information and strategic discussions are important, as are ensuring that the right team is involved in the problem solving process. Sometimes individual creativity can solve a problem, but typically information exchange and a discussion is required involving all relevant parties. If specialist advice is required to assist you then Evans Legal will recommend this in a manner which is open and transparent.

What fees does Evans Legal charge?

Our relationships define us all. Retaining clients is the key to ensuring sustainability.
Being up front about fees is very important.
Traditional legal firms have long embraced an hourly rate for lawyers and support staff. In these firms time is charged in 6 minute units. This can often reward inefficiency and encourage practices that draw strong criticism from clients.
Evans Legal will provide you with a more realistic alternative. Where possible Rhys will recommend a retainer arrangement or fixed fees where possible.
Fees and scope of engagement will be agreed with Evans Legal from the outset before any work is undertaken.
Regular updates will be provided within your required timeframe. Evans Legal provides fee estimates applying legal knowledge and the scope of work identified with you. If the scope of work changes or if circumstances arise which are unforeseen at the time of providing a fee estimate then Evans Legal will revise the fee estimate with you.
Where circumstances change in a way which may impact a deadline then Evans Legal will inform you at the earliest available time.
Cost-effective solutions are critical for Evans Legal to ensure there are no surprises for clients.

What areas of law does Evans Legal practice?

Evans Legal focuses on advising businesses.
Evans Legal does not handle certain areas of the law (such as family, criminal, conveyancing or wills & estates law). Should you require assistance in these areas then we can refer you to specialists.
If you require Evans Legal to undertake a task that over commits resources then other legal service providers can be engaged to work jointly on the project. Evans Legal can project manage these additional resources. Existing relationships with other law firms can be used to the best advantage and ensure you receive the most cost effective solution available.

Does Evans Legal conduct litigation?

Traditional law firms are best resourced to handle contentious court actions. Often parties should engage in early mediation of a dispute prior to legal proceedings being commenced. Evans Legal has experience in managing dispute resolution and taking part in mediation. Evans Legal can represent you in a mediation or alternate dispute resolution forum to attempt to resolve contentious issues.
Evans Legal is experienced in managing traditional law firms in litigation to enable executive to primarily focus on managing your business and not getting absorbed into the time consuming and draining experience of litigation.