Major Project

Key issues
When embarking on a significant project (such as a capital raising or an acquisition) businesses can often become focussed on the outcome without taking stock of the current position of the business.

Ensuring a business is prepared for a significant project is critical to its success. This preparation may include simplifying structures, attending to legacy issues or matters which may cause reputational damage to the business or maintaining the strength of key relationships.

Key mistakes
During this cycle key business challenges include ensuring that external advisors are provided with sufficient information and direction to ensure the project milestones are achieved, as well as ensuring the day to day conduct of the business continues.
It is important to understanding the way the project will likely impact operations and long term alliances of the business and to be able to ensure the day to day operations of the business continue throughout and following the project. The risk of the project failure is minimised by maintaining continuity of your operations.

What we do
Rhys can help you to mitigate your risk and liability by ensuring contractual obligations and relationships remain on track. Rhys can co-ordinate projects for you or take all necessary steps to ensuring the project is not affected by day to day operations of the business. Rhys can assist you prepare for projects by conducting a thorough legal audit or due diligence either on the acquisition target or on your business.