What people are saying

“Within days of engaging Rhys Evans I knew a decision had been made for the good of the business.
For a period of several months we had lobbied our CEO and the Board for in-house legal support. The weight of litigation and issues from several years of rapid growth had gotten to a point where the time of senior and middle management was consumed with bushfires raging on many fronts. Finally when budgetary approval was given we were able to focus back on running the business.
Within a few days of starting, Rhys was able to assist management in developing solutions and strategies.
By engaging Rhys we were able to save money by having an in-house lawyer on call when we needed him. Rhys also saved the business money when instructing external lawyers by ensuring that information was collated and presented to the external legal team in a clear and efficient manner. Lawyers understand the best way to instruct external lawyers and to assist get the best results.
After months of being on the back foot we were able to become less reactive and had more time to spend on developing greater efficiencies within the business.
Rhys showed drive and initiative when working with the sales teams assisting them in the negotiation of specific and difficult customer contracts. There were times he was asked to take the lead due to the peculiarity of the contract and the depth of their legal obligations.
New products were also able to be brought to market, due to Rhys’ inclusive style of engaging stakeholders – this approach was a great benefit.
Rhys is very easy to work with. When times are difficult Rhys does not shy away from the issue. His sense of humour helps calm the stakeholders without the diminishing the importance of the matter at hand. He also has good perception and sensitivity to those around him. Within a few weeks of starting Rhys fitted into our office culture and was respected and admired by our management team.
Rhys is able to get on with it and not get bogged down with things.
Rhys is a valuable asset to any business, particularly when he is empowered to add value.”
Elizabeth Case -Experienced Group Financial Controller and Operations Manager

“Rhys was the Legal Counsel who prepared an extensive contractual agreement with a leading telecommunications vendor which was engaged to supply IT network services and implement the required network infrastructure.
Rhys contributed significantly to the project by providing the contractual construct that enabled effective mitigation of the business and legal implementation risks and an orderly delivery of the services and infrastructure. Throughout the contract preparation I found Rhys to be very approachable and flexible. He always contributed practical ideas as to how to address topics to be covered in the agreement and the negotiation of issues.
It was a great experience to work with Rhys and I would be pleased with an opportunity to do so again in the future.”
Dominika Nicholls – Project Manager

“Rhys is a great communicator and an extremely practical and commercial lawyer. If you want to cut to the chase and get things done without the pomp and posturing you sometimes get with other lawyers he’s your guy.”
Sheryl Daly – Senior Corporate Lawyer

“Rhys was a pleasure to work with, providing sensible advice, excellent quality and fast turn around, nothing was ever too much trouble.”
Neal Ross – Chief Information Officer

“Engaging an in-house lawyer within your business is one of the most effective ways to manage business relationships and mitigate risk.
Businesses who engage a lawyer only when absolutely necessary, may save money in the short term, however can become exposed to risk and ultimately suffer financial and reputational loss.
Years ago businesses may have gotten away with operating without an in-house lawyer. Relationships were formed in times when people tended to mainly focus on the upside. Relationships were typically managed on a largely commercial basis. Businesses felt they could afford not to read the fine print. Times changed. Today, strategic partners are now more likely to enforce contractual rights to protect their commercial interests and ignore the interests of others. With the uncertainty of the current market, an in-house lawyer is an important business resource.
By imbedding a practical lawyer like Rhys Evans in your business you are already one step ahead. Where many lawyers distance themselves with the practicality of contract management and focus just on the contractual terms, Rhys encourages key stakeholders to get involved and to shape contracts in the way that best protects the relationship and enhances the commercial outcome.
Rhys cuts through the legal jargon and explains things in a way that assists the business understand what is critical and how to best drive the desired outcomes.
Rhys works very well in team environments. If project management is required then he can step in a lead a team to ensure the best results are achieved. Rhys learns and adapts quickly.
I have no hesitation in recommending Rhys to any business that is interested in maximising its potential and protecting its interests.”
Glen Phillips – Strategic Relationship Manager

“Rhys Evans is a provider of what I call “real-time law”.
“Real-time law” is where you receive tailored legal advice to suit your business in a real-time environment. Real time advice is practical and solutions orientated. Real time law is not based on guess work, it’s about your advisor knowing the commercial drivers of your business.
While working with Rhys on several projects over a period of years I have found that he is able to immerse himself very quickly within a business and understand the way it works. Rhys then adapts legal and compliance solutions based on the needs of the business in a way which enables commercial objectives to be achieved.
When taking a “real-time law” approach Rhys really demonstrates his value by providing practical advice and guidance on risk mitigation. The business benefits of using a “real time lawyer” increase dramatically over time.
Rhys gives excellent guidance on managing risk and determining when the situation requires more detailed analysis. On those matters that have a greater commercial or risk profile and require a more complex level of analysis, Rhys looks for the best practical approach which often involves processes promoting communication and aiding contract management.
When you engage a lawyer who provides “real time law” advice:
• issues are identified and solved earlier and
• tangible financial benefits are derived (either in greater revenue or cost savings).
I recommend Rhys Evans to any business wanting a dedicated and solutions-focused professional.”
Pauline Davis – Experienced Property Professional